Video Tutorial #1

How to Steps

Remove the old decor and clear up the room for the new makeover

  • Staple the backdrop on the wall along the edges
  • Cut out holes for the electricity outlet and trim off the excessive fabric

Tips: add more staples or use heat adhesive to make the backdrop stick to the wall more like a wall paper

  • Remove all screws and separate the seat from the base
  • Cut out a piece of leather that’s big enough to cover the whole side of the seat
  • Wrap the leather around the sitting pad and staple along the edges
  •  Paint the base and assemble with the seat
  • Replace the light shelves with dark, wood-like shelves to fit in the theme
  • Assemble corner shelves to hang up on the wall
  • Put on any piece of wall arts that fits the Harry Porter theme.
  • Wall arts used in this video: picture frames, set of three mirrors, cinnamon broomstick

Tips: Let the cinnamon broomstick air out for a week or so before hanging it up to avoid any strong smell

Tips: You can recycle old pillows or stuffing animals for the stuffing

  • Add some final touches as you like, like the 9, 3/4 stick on the door and plush toys in the video

Things to Buy for this Project