Video Tutorial #1

How to Steps

Never ever work on a garbage disposal when it is plugged in! Especially do not stick your hands in one!

  • Make sure your power cord is properly plugged in and has not come loose.
  • Use a hair dryer or lamp to test out whether the outlet is powered on.
  • Check the circuit breaker from the panel box if the outlet is not powered on. Find the breaker for the disposal and flip it all the way to the on state.

  •  Plug in the garbage disposal and try out.
  • If the first step didn’t work, locate the red button located at the bottom of the garbage proposal. The button could be tripped to prevent the motor from burning out if workload is too high.

  • Push the button to reset it and try out.

  • If the second step still didn’t work and it’s making a weird noise, it could be that something is blocking the motor.

  • UNPLUG THE GARBAGE DISPOSAL, look down the sink, and pull out debris or obstacles if you see any.

  • Locate the hole at the center of the bottom, shovel in a regular 1/4 hex wrench and turn back and force for a few times

  • Plug in the garbage disposal and try out.

    Disconnect the disposal unit from the sewer, dishwasher, and the sink.
  • Remove the rubber cap from the top.
  • Look for any obstacles that blocking the spinning of rotation disk or blade.

  • Put the unit back on, plug it in, and try out

If none of the previous four checks worked, chances are your motor is burned out. You may have to replace the garbage disposal.

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