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How to Clean Tile Grout?

Video Tutorial #1How to StepsBeforeclick here: jump to 00:01:02Disgusting black grout. Group 1: Apply Clorox Bleachclick here: jump to 00:02:24Apply with Clorox Clinging Bleach Gel. Group...

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How to Clean Toilet Bowl Stains

Video Tutorial #1How to StepsBeforeclick here: jump to 00:00:44The stain in the toilet bowl that doesn’t go away. Get Pumice Stoneclick here: jump to...

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How to DIY Bathroom Makeover on a Budget

Video Tutorial #1How to StepsBefore makeoverclick here: jump to 00:00:16Paint the wallclick here: jump to 00:01:40 Tape the edge Remove electrical plates and medicine cabinet Filling the...

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How to repaint kitchen cabinet?

Video Tutorial #1How to StepsMeasure the cabinetsclick here: jump to 00:01:09To determine the square footage of your cabinetry, see the diagram on the back...

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How to Decor Like a Pro

1: Pillow Decor2: Paint the wall3: Paint vanity cabinet1: Pillow Decor 1st tip: Pillow (jump to 39s) pillows are absolutely the...

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